Monday, August 3, 2009

Internet Coupon Shopping

What is it?
Internet coupon shopping is just what it sounds like: you can find them on the internet, and use them at a particular store’s website. Even companies that are mostly offline- driven, now expect a certain portion of their sales to come from online – so they give offers and incentives to drive people to their websites. It also doesn’t hurt that once a company’s internet business credibility is establish, it’s oh-so-easy to just keep clicking and adding to that little electronic shopping cart.
How do I do it?
You can find these coupons in all manner of places. In the newspaper, you might see an advertisement for a company, and at the bottom you might find a promo code – which you can then take to the company’s website, and enter it in for a nice little discount.
Possibly the most frequently used offline-medium to driver shoppers online, will be found on the radio. The company runs an ad on the radio, and you hear it…but how great would it be if you could SEE it. They want you to SEE their company. So you’ll almost always hear the website name, and around 30% of the time, you’ll hear those magic words again: “Enter Promo Code XXXX, for a limited time offer.”
Just in case you missed it: The promo code IS the Internet Coupon.
Can you use them over and over?
In some cases, the promo code is used not to give a discount, but to showcase certain products – as in a promotion. In that case, you’ll probably be able to use it more than once. It would be like shopping in a store that sells buttons at 10% off. You buy 10 leave, and then walk back in: the buttons are still 10% off. That’s a promotion.

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